Olde Wood Limited Barn

From Weathered Barns to Stunning Interiors – BarnWood2GO has a story all it's own.

After a lifetime of withstanding the elements of the American Northeast, reclaimed BarnWood2GO possesses beauty that has been earned and durability that has been tested. With minimal upkeep, a variety of widths and lengths, and custom milling options, BarnWood2GO can lend its character to any interior space.
And because no two pieces of reclaimed BarnWood2GO are exactly alike, you are guaranteed to have a one-in-a-kind project that no one can ever duplicate.

  Weathered White BarnWood2GO   BarnWood2GO Install     BarnWood2GO Install   Install BarnWood2GO   BarnWood2GO Install 

Modern White BarnWood2GO   Modern White BarnWood2GO   Modern White BarnWood2GO