Antique Reclaimed Historic Plank

Antique Reclaimed Historic Plank

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Flooring is priced and sold by the square foot. Please indicate quantity to reflect square footage needed.

Antique Reclaimed Historic Plank


3" to 10" Random Widths

3/4" Thick Solid Profile

2' to 12' Random Length

Price per Square Foot

Adjust quantity to reflect square footage needed

***THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD IN RANDOM WIDTHS- Quantities of each width will vary***

Harvested from century-old barns and wooden industrial structures, this floor transforms a room into a living history lesson filled with character marks earned from years of faithful use. With a rich mixture of reclaimed hardwoods, saw marks, natural checking, color and texture, this floor is unmatched in its ability to attract attention. The perfect solution for a truly unique floor, wall or ceiling treatment.

Our Antique Historic Plank flooring boards will feature a blend of band/circular saw marks with a rich mixture of grain and varied light/dark colors. As with all reclaimed hardwood flooring, expect a pronounced appearance of sound knots, cracks, saw kerfs, insect marks, nail holes and naturally occurring over/ under wood which creates the dynamic authentic old world appearance of this product.