Traditionally Milled Vintage Hickory

Traditionally Milled Vintage Hickory

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Flooring is priced and sold by the square foot. Please indicate quantity to reflect square footage needed.

Traditionally Milled Vintage Hickory


3" to 8" Random Widths

2' to 12' Random Lengths

3/4" Thick Solid Profile

Price per Square Foot

Adjust quantity to reflect square footage needed

 ***THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD IN RANDOM WIDTHS- Quantities of each width will vary***

Characterized by a blend of light and dark tones and smooth, robust grain patterns, our Traditional Plank Vintage Hickory presents a wood of unparalleled strength and hardness in its most rustic form. Vintage Hickory brings to your home the towering grandeur of the oak-hickory forests that dominate America's East and Midwest.

This wide plank hickory flooring is milled from fully matured and responsibly sourced logs that are live-sawn through and through using a 60-inch circular saw blade – imparting its rustic saw-mark texture. Hickory features wide variations in color – from blondes to deep russet tones – and a delicate balance of sound knots and natural checking. It is the strongest wood commercially available.