Antique Reclaimed Oak Hit Skip 5" to "7" Random Widths - Matte Prefinish

Antique Reclaimed Oak Hit Skip 5" to "7" Random Widths - Matte Prefinish

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Flooring is priced and sold by the square foot. Please indicate quantity to reflect square footage needed.

Antique Reclaimed Oak Hit Skip

Bona Matte Prefinish

5", 6", & 7" Random Widths

5/8" Engineered Profile

2’ up to 12’ Random Lengths

Price per Square Foot

Adjust quantity to reflect the square footage needed

Random widths/lengths mean that you will receive a random quantity of each width/length based on the quantity available at the time you place your order.

The strength, durability, and availability of the massive oak trees that populated the early American forests made it the go-to timber for barn and granary construction. The mighty Oak is as much a part of Americana as the barn itself. Meticulously curated from the reclaimed joists, rafters, granary boards, siding, and floor-boards of old barns and other historic wooden structures, reclaimed Antique Oak Hit-Skip flooring presents a reclaimed oak experience that preserves much of the original rustic surface textures while simultaneously revealing the beauty of the raw virgin timber underneath.

A combination of White and Red Oak, Antique Oak Hit-Skip flooring is characterized by a mixture of original distressed surfaces and revealed smooth surfaces, original nail holes, sound cracks, checking, wormholes and naturally occurring over/under wood which creates the dynamic authentic old world appearance of this product. It presents a variety of rustic colorations and surfaces, with varying grain patterns and tight knot structure.