Antique Reclaimed Hickory 3" to 8" Random Widths - Oil Finish

Antique Reclaimed Hickory 3" to 8" Random Widths - Oil Finish

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Flooring is priced and sold by the square foot. Please indicate quantity to reflect square footage needed.

Antique Reclaimed Hickory

Oil Pre-Finish

3", 4", 5", 6", 7", & 8" Random Widths

3/4" Solid 

2’ up to 12’ Random Lengths

Price per Square Foot

Adjust quantity to reflect the square footage needed

Random widths mean that you will receive a random quantity of each width based on the quantity available at the time you place your order.


Contrasting light and dark wood tones juxtaposed with bold, flowing grain patterns give reclaimed hickory a strikingly modern look and a casual, comfortable appeal. With unmatched strength and hardness, hickory is the perfect choice for an airy, contemporary space where kids and pets like to play. Our 100-percent Hickory reclaimed hardwood flooring and timbers come from American East and Midwest barn beams and joists. Each hand-selected Hickory wide plank flooring possesses unique features and colors that can only be found in slow-growth wood that is naturally aged.

Our reclaimed Antique Hickory hardwood flooring features wide variations in color, from nearly white to dark brown, and a delicate balance of sound cracks, checking, wormholes and knots. It is the strongest commercial wood available.