European Antique White Oak 5" 7"10" Random Widths - Unfinished

European Antique White Oak 5" 7"10" Random Widths - Unfinished

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Flooring is priced and sold by the square foot. Please indicate quantity to reflect square footage needed.

European Antique White Oak


5", 7", & 10" Random Widths

3/4" Engineered Profile

2’ up to 12’ Random Nominal Lengths

Price per Square Foot

Adjust quantity to reflect the square footage needed

Random widths/lengths mean that you will receive a random quantity of each width/length based on the quantity available at the time you place your order.

The Mighty Oak, with its immense strength and durability, was the go-to timber for the construction of our nation's founding agricultural and industrial structures. European Antique White Oak Wide Plank Flooring combines the tough characteristics of reclaimed American White Oak with the beautiful dark wood tones often found in European design. This reclaimed flooring is crafted from various components of centuries-old wooden structures, such as joists, rafters, siding and floor boards. Our exclusive milling techniques allow the various, naturally dark tones of White Oak to be revealed in European Antique White Oak.

European Antique White Oak features the colorations of White Oak. It may be characterized by traits found only in authentically reclaimed wood, such as original saw marks, nail holes, sound cracks, checking, and wormholes.